video snapshots & image sets for playback
Talent Show for teachers and students, Ovid-Elsie High School (2007, Michigan, USA) [ZIP folder of 9 video snapshots]
Holiday concert at year end (17 Dec. 2008).
Gymnastics "invitational" (multiple schools & teams; all-day Saturday 7 Feb. 2009 event)
Pep Rally (mid-morning all-school event before the Friday night Homecoming football game); slideshow version

--HOMECOMING (fall 2008, middle Michigan USA)
**Homecoming at night (scenes at football game)**
Homecoming Parade, St.Johns (Michigan 48879). 10/2008. (Quicktime* image sequence)
--see wikipedia entry for //homecoming//

--HALLOWEEN (fall 2008, middle Michigan USA), see also panoramic views below
Young children visit shops downtown | Scenes of trick-or-treat from house to house
**Trick-or-treat and housefront decorations**
Giant pumpkin contest [Frankfort, Michigan USA; early October 2008]; see also Clown Band
--see wikipedia entry for Halloween

--VETERANS DAY (fall 2008, mid-Michigan USA), see also panoramic views below
**11 November overview of the commemoration at 11 a.m.**
--see wikipedia entry for Veterans Day; see text of speech; see video snapshot of speech
More video snapshots:
Parade | Singing the National Anthem | 'Taps' played by buglers

collage view of several of the housefront decorations; all images (movie playback)

Fund-raising project: making submarine sandwiches for sale to people at the church
Christmas pageant at protestant church (singing"Silent Night")

Farmers Market
each week Saturday 8 - noon between May and October [Labor Day weekend, 9/2008]

High School Homecoming Football Game,
Halloween 2008,
Marching Band collage concert (concluding the outdoor season),
Veterans' Day Commemoration,
Food Bank (donated food items for the Working Poor),
County Youth Fair 2008 - judging of animals raised by students,
Historical Marker - Slavery Trade House, Alexandria (near Washington, DC),
Cemetery from 1800s in Alexandria, Virginia (near Washington, DC),
Church dinner hosted by youth,
Memorial Day commemoration held at town cemetery (May 2007),

Duluth (on Lake Superior),

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