Greetings and welcome to the project to develope materials and guidance when promoting and supporting anthropology for young people in the precollege years.

As of 2008 there are efforts afoot in the UK to create an A-Level course and exam for teens. In South Korea, too, there are anthropology chapters and textbooks in print. In the USA the American Anthropological Association established its own Anthropology Education Committee to advance the field outside of college campuses, but to date it is individual schools and teachers that have successfully introduced anthropology to young people. There are few state or national supporting systems in place for standards, materials and enrichment activities. A few materials have been collected at with the gist of discussions in the UK on Pathways to Anthropology (10/2007) at

A concerted effort through the Anthropology Education Committee at the American Anthropological Association is underway to gathering teaching plans and materials at with discussions at and link-favorites at In the UK there are several resources, including the annual London Anthropology Day (July) and Wales Anthropology Day (June) to open the door to the field for teens and the general public; and has a weekly set of events and resources of wide, accessible interest to an anthropological perspective.

More trusted sources: PBS 'anthropology' search results, including series Human Origins, History Detectives, Time Team; Society for American Archeology,

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Compare guidance from National Council for the Social Studies, American Sociological Assoc, "21st Century Skills" list